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SBT is an industry-leading automobile supplier having the largest inventory of Japanese vehicles. They have a strong global presence which there were able to make with the help of their stringent quality control policies. However, the manual QC process slowed down their supply and was affecting their sales.

Hence, they thought of automating the process and started looking for a business partner who has a proven track record of delivering out-of-the-box digital solutions. Being an award-winning software development company, Appixels held years of building enterprise-grade applications, which led SBT into partnering with us.

The real challenge of the app was to create several user interfaces catering to different stakeholders such as the sale agent, local manager, organizer, purchase manager, buying manager, and account manager.

Our Solution

The core concept for the app was creating a platform that enhances the accessibility and traceability of all concerned parties and makes the process automated and paper-free. Our team conducted several requirement gathering and brainstorming sessions and successfully built a cutting-edge automobile inspection app that offered multiple dashboards, optimal speed, robust performance, and a seamless communication channel.

The app was built on react native utilizing PHP and Node JS for APIs and MySQL for the database. Our UI/UX designers provided a simple yet elegant design for the app with a color palette suiting a professional environment. SBT Inspection app is responsive on both android and iOS devices and offers optimal scalability, security, and functionality.

Key Features

Multiple User Interfaces: Different stakeholders will have different user interfaces so that all concerned parties are connected through a single platform.

Inspection Request: Concerned user can generate a request for a vehicle for inspection.

Request Approval and Rejection: Concerned user will approve or reject the vehicle inspections.

Automobile Approval: Once the inspection is done and everything is up to the mark, the vehicle will be approved to sell.

Geo-location: Location will help in tracking the vehicles.

Media Sharing: The inspection report and vehicle images can be shared through the app.

Real-time Notifications: Users can receive real-time notifications for the inspection and its process.

Messaging/Chat Feature: All concerned parties can maintain clear communication with each other through live chat.

Multi-language support (English/Japanese): English and Japanese languages are supported in the app.

Clients Testimonials

“Our app requirements were very complex. We wanted to provide our students, faculty members, parents and candidates to have a universal dashboard that can manage data across 45 campuses. Appixels made it possible for us in a very short period of time. Liked how they keep things transparent and only commit what can be delivered.”

- John L. Meier

“We were quite amazed at how they designed and developed the entire application. Mark was really confident about his approach to project management which resulted in ease of the process. I must say Appixels did quite an amazing job considering these guys are relatively new in the industry. They work just as fine as any other company.”

- Elbert S. Burch


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