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Appixels has a team of a highly skilled and experienced team of developers working tirelessly to develop the best chatbot for websites to help businesses strive in the digital industry. With web 2.0 and increased exposure to data, the importance of communication with customers is ever increasing. Therefore, if you fail to convert your visitors, you must lack proper communication. And to achieve this, what’s better than having a custom AI chatbot that can answer all your visitors’ queries in real-time. When it comes to customer satisfaction, effective communication can make a real difference, and chatbots for websites help you attain true success.

Transform the Way You Interact with Your Customers Using Custom AI Chatbot


Appixels custom chatbot is better because they are insight-driven. They understand your business better than anyone else inside out and strive to facilitate your customers in their queries and concerns regarding your brand, products, and services. In-depth business research and rigorous market analysis are key to streamlining your customer communication through an AI chatbot for websites. Without proper research, the chatbot cannot serve its purpose properly because this data is also used to train the chatbot to serve its purpose properly.


For a successful business, it is integral to keep the customer at the center at all times. And what better way than communicating to them often, in real-time and 24/7. We develop an AI chatbot for websites to help businesses stay connected with their customers and prospects and make sure no stone remains unturned in striving to convert them into a sale. Effective communication with customers at their moment of uncertainty can help you cancel their uncertainties and derive your desired action.

Agile Development

Appixels understand the need to stay relevant with the latest technologies and project delivery best practices. Custom chatbot development is all about creating chatbots for websites that do justice to your business persona and serve your customers diligently. Therefore, we prefer using the iterative agile approach for smooth project delivery. In addition, it enables us to stay connected with you through regular feedback to make sure the chatbot is aligned with your business mission and goals.

MVP and Testing

Businesses are bound to fail if they invest huge sums of money on software that does not fulfill their business purpose. But not you, if you get our custom chatbot services. We know the importance of having a successful automated AI chatbot for websites. And its success depends on its ability to satisfy your website visitors. Hence, we create an MVP for you and let your real-time visitors test it by chatting and asking different questions to understand what best works for your business. Therefore, it is a continuous testing and updating process.

Stay Relevant with AI

AI is helping people with many day-to-day tasks, and it has the power to make businesses more efficient and save money. How? By making their communications automated on their website and other social media platforms with a chat feature such as Facebook. Our custom AI chatbot is the future for all types and sizes of businesses with a goal to scale. In addition, AI can automate your interactions with your customers and help you keep them happy and satisfied at all times.

Diverse Expertise

We have a professional chatbot development team with diverse industry experience. Our team’s diversity makes us capable of developing the best chatbot for websites by understanding businesses’ distinctive needs based on their niche and targeted audience. In addition, our team loves developing chatbots for websites because they cherish the way it helps businesses connect with their customers and form lasting relationships by understanding their needs and concerns. All in all, our team performs thorough research and train the chatbot to serve your business’ purpose.

24/7 Support & Quick Turnaround

Appixels is the best custom chatbot developer for you because it moves iteratively and on a shorter turnaround time. We believe in prototyping and testing, studying the customer insights, incorporating the fixes and updates, and testing again. So it is a continuous cycle of delivering value to you in the form of an AI chatbot for websites. Moreover, to make your experience worthwhile, we offer 24/7 chat support. Therefore, you can stay in touch with us while our developers work to develop a wonder for your business.

Nurture Relationship

We are helping businesses nurture relationships with their customers by providing them with prompt assistance with the help of customer chatbot development for their websites and other chatting platforms. The lives of twenty-first-century people are in constant flux; they want their queries to be answered without a delay if they browse your website to make the purchase. Hence, automated chatbots for websites help businesses become quick, considerate, and relevant in their responses, helping them build a more trustable relationship with their customers.

Let’s Take a Step Forward to Redefine Your Communications with Appixels Custom Chatbot Development

Appixels has been serving businesses from different niches with various operations to strengthen its root in the industry with the help of custom AI chatbot. Integrating a well-developed chatbot after rigorous data collection and effective training is what sets you to create your competitive advantage by providing prompt customer support solutions to all your customer needs. We have a skilled team with many years of industry experience and passion for creating effective AI chatbots that become the unique voice of your business. By utilizing techniques that ensure to the point direct responses, cutting down the queue time completely, and eliminating forms, our chatbots are assisting businesses to scale ten folds.

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When I found my business growth in limbo, even after spending a decent amount on customer support department, I realized something is missing. Found that Appixels develops custom chatbot for website randomly while looking for tips on how to make my customer support better. Just out of instinct I scheduled a meeting, and things changed for me. It proved to be a good decision, and now my business interactions are fine-tuned. Also cut down on half of the support staff.

Ronan Schmitt

Why Do You Need a Custom Chatbot to Streamline Your Communication Processes?

How are you planning to stay in the game with so many competitors providing digital marketing services to clients and promising them to increase their ROI and scale their businesses? And even if you are in the game, how will you create your competitive advantage? 
If these questions concern you about your future as a digital marketing agency, our white label chatbot agency is the answer to all your worries. Automated AI chatbots provide a great deal of success to businesses in engaging the prospects or visitors and leading them to become one-time or recurring sales.
In addition, AI chatbots also allow businesses to stay afloat, strategize better and take data-driven actions because you can easily integrate the chatbot to your CMS or other platforms to analyze the data, how your visitors are responding, what are their concerns, are they happy with your brand or not. It also allows you to ask about their experience at the end of each chat session, and it can deal with thousands of visitors without businesses breaking their banks to hire the support staff.
All in all, the white label chatbot partnership will help you stand out in the pool of digital marketers and help you sustain yourself in the business since you will have an added offering for your clients under your wing that can help businesses convert better and faster than their competitors.

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Scale Your Business

You want to scale your business and diversify your business offerings? If yes, Appixels whitelabel chatbot can help you expand your business offering. We handle the technicalities for you, and your team doesn’t need to train or acquire any expertise in coding. You will be only responsible for outsourcing a pre-made chatbot after rebranding it.

Reduce Expenditures

Since you don’t need a team with expertise in AI chatbot development, you can offer chatbot as a SaaS service to your clients without investing any money. Therefore, your chances of generating more profitability increase, and your expenditures reduce. In addition, our team will be responsible for training the chatbot for your clients.

Smooth Customer Onboarding

When you communicate with the customers, prompt replies to their queries and increase their conversion chances. Since increased communication with direct responses is all about educating the customers about your brand and its products and services. You also cancel out any objections that their mind comes across in doing so. Hence, the onboarding of customers becomes easier. A smooth customer onboarding directly cuts the sales cycle short and helps your business save money and time.

Creates A Competitive Advantage

A custom chatbot is a competitive advantage because by integrating it into your website, you make your communication channel smooth and more accessible. In addition, an AI chatbot that can instantly answer your customer questions, if developed and train after thorough research and collecting decent customer insights, can benefit your business in many ways; one being it will make your brand stand out among the pool of competitors.

More Qualified Leads

Custom AI chatbot helps you educate your website visitors better than any marketing campaign your run by spending thousands of dollars. As a result, visitors acquire firsthand and direct answers to all their queries about your brand, products, and services. Since they acquire quick responses without waiting, they become educated and more qualified. And the chances of conversions are higher for qualified leads. Hence, getting a custom chatbot is a win-win situation for your business.

Cuts Your Costs

If you are getting millions of traffics or even in mere thousands on your website daily, how many support representatives do you think you require to entertain at least 10% of them; ten, twenty, or maybe thirty? But a custom chatbot powered by artificial intelligence can replace all of them. Yes, and may prove to be more efficient in converting them into sales than typical sales and support representatives because chatbots function based on customer insights.

Increased Brand Engagement

Getting Appixels chatbot development services will also help your brand increase its brand engagement. AI chatbot for website designed to use best practices to engage prospects in conversation. A chatbot ready to assist the prospect or customer in the pursuit of product purchase is an irresistible treat for them. Once they indulge in the conversation, the purchases’ chances increase ten times. Increased brand engagement also helps you create loyal customers and recurring sales.

What Custom Chatbot Workflow Appixels Follow to Create Value for You?


Our professionals provide sensible consultation based on research and the latest technologies.


We then move forward with the idea generation that matches your business goals and objectives.


After the finalizing idea, our team proceeds by creating a strategic plan that aligns with successful project delivery.


Then, your project is moved to the design phase, where our experts convert your idea into a workable design using multiple wireframes.


Once you are satisfied with how the UI will look, the next phase of chatbot development starts that brings the idea to a working chatbot.


The final phase arrives; the launch. It includes taking it live and taking care of its updates and maintenance over time.

What Are the Key Components of a AI Chatbot?

Question and Answers System

It is the basic component of a chatbot, i.e., responsible for asking questions asked by customers. This system interprets all customer queries, and it replies after relevant direct responses to the customer from the knowledge bases. 
It consists of two elements:
Manual Training – It is the type of knowledge base created by the site owner by creating a list of frequently asked questions by customers and writing answers against each. The data assist the chatbot in identifying the user query and answering it relevantly.
Automatic Training – It is a more automated version of training in which you simply send all the business documents along with various Q&A files and ask the bot to train itself. The chatbot automatically extracts a list of questions and responses against each based on the provided data. Based on this knowledge, the chatbot will respond to queries.


The environment is the central part of any chatbot that utilizes NLP (Natural Language Processing) to interpret what the customer is asking at any given point in time. Using NLP converts the data into a more structured type that the system can easily understand and respond to. In addition, it uses advanced ML (Machine Learning Algorithms) to understand user intent and matches it with the chatbot’s intent. 
It has two key elements:
Intent Classifier – It maps between what the customer asks and what type of response the chatbot performs.
Entity Extractor – It identifies the keywords from the customer’s query to determine user intent properly.
For a more inclusive approach, NLP can be further upgraded by including the following two elements:
Feedback Mechanism – As its name suggests, it is all about taking feedback and star rating from the customer at the end of every conversation. The feedback helps the AI to self-learn and improve itself.
Policy Maker – It is a broad framework. Here, the chatbot is trained to create happy paths in customer conversation using advanced communication techniques to create greater customer satisfaction.

UI and UX

Besides the functionality, one thing that highly incorporates customer satisfaction and trust in the chatbot’s user interface and experience. Hence, if you want to involve your customers in frequent conversation, your chatbot design must be simple, attractive, and impactful. On the flip side, the user experience needs to be decent and worthwhile.

Custom Integration

Custom integration helps you leverage the most from your AI chatbot by integrating it with your existing CRM system, calendars, payment apps, databases, and other tools to create value for your business on a higher level.

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At the most basic level, an AI chatbot is a computer program developed to understand and interpret human conversation and respond to questions almost human-like. In addition, it can process written and spoken communication based on the purpose you have developed it for. Today, businesses use it to increase customer satisfaction, retention, and higher conversion rates because effective communication is integral.

1.    Identify the purpose of building a chatbot.
2.    Decide the type of chatbot you are building.
3.    Select a channel.
4.    Choose the technology stack.
5.    Design the conversation by collecting FAQs.
6.    Train the bot; automatically or manually.
7.    Test the chatbot.
8.    Deploy and maintain the bot.

1.    The time to develop a custom chatbot for your business can vary depending on the type of chatbot you want Appixels to create for you and the purpose you want it. It can take several days to 2-3 weeks for our team to consult, ideate, plan, design, develop, and launch your chatbot on a rough scale. Therefore, if you are looking for a chatbot development service, consult our team to get an estimated budget and time of delivery.

Businesses are integrating chatbots to help redefine the way they deal with customers. They want to cut the sales cycle short and generate a desired action from the customer quickly. By educating visitors, chatbots qualify them into sales, which in turn help businesses’ overall operations and profitability. Therefore, yes, you can earn from chatbot because it will help your business generate more demos, get more signups, and schedule meetings faster than your in-house support and sales representative.


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