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Why Partner with Appixels White label Chatbot Platform?

With so many options available in the market, you may have concerns about going with Appixels white label chatbots partnership. To make things simple for you, we are leading in artificial intelligence. We have been providing impactful chatbot design and custom chatbot development services to businesses from all industries, sizes, and corners of the world. We have the data with analytics about what works for which business and how to train an AI chatbot to help you scale your business by providing chatbot as a SaaS offering to your clients without needing any professional knowledge or expertise in the artificial industry domain.

You Can Create Value for Your Clients with White Label Chatbots

Take a look at how hiring the best cloud app development services could upscale your business online and get inspired!

Capture Higher Leads

The chatbot will help your clients capture the demographic data better by generating 33 percent more responses on forms and pop-ups. Furthermore, since automated AI chatbots quickly respond to the visitors' concerns, it cancels out the potential objections people’s minds ponder upon. As a result, your clients' lead capturing rate increases considerably, enabling you to boost your client’s profitability chances by tenfold. In addition, capturing higher leads will also reduce your cost of lead generation.

Provide Better Support

The chatbot will help your clients capture the demographic data better by generating 33 percent more responses on forms and pop-ups. Furthermore, since automated AI chatbots quickly respond to the visitors' concerns, it cancels out the potential objections people’s minds ponder upon. As a result, your clients' lead capturing rate increases considerably, enabling you to boost your client’s profitability chances by tenfold. In addition, capturing higher leads will also reduce your cost of lead generation.

Book Meetings Quickly

The chatbot will help your clients capture the demographic data better by generating 33 percent more responses on forms and pop-ups. Furthermore, since automated AI chatbots quickly respond to the visitors' concerns, it cancels out the potential objections people’s minds ponder upon. As a result, your clients' lead capturing rate increases considerably, enabling you to boost your client’s profitability chances by tenfold. In addition, capturing higher leads will also reduce your cost of lead generation.

Route Leads Effectively

What’s cooler is automated AI chatbots’ ability to qualify website visitors into leads and routing them effectively to the concerned department or person to move them further down the funnels. With it, there is no need to make visitors wait in the queue for a support representative to get free or fill out unnecessary forms. Instead, it ensures prompt replies and direct answers based on advanced communication techniques that make getting more subscriptions, downloads, or meeting or trial requests easier.

Integrate Into Various Platforms

You can integrate the AI chatbot on your clients’ websites and other social media platforms, giving them a chance at redefining their business communication to build brand awareness and trustable relationships with their prospects. A well-trained and quick in responding AI chatbot can also become your clients’ businesses’ competitive advantage because prospects want the attention and answers to their queries. If your clients fail to give prospects their desired attention, they will fail to convert visitors into qualified leads and leads into sales.

Collect and Study Data

AI chatbots enable you to collect data about your client’s prospects, how they respond to their business offering, and what concerns they usually encounter. This data can easily be imported and analyzed to help optimize the digital marketing strategy in capturing, qualifying, and converting leads. Moreover, based on the stats, you will also have an insight into the integrated chatbot’s performance; do you need to train it further? What topics do you need it to train on?

Why You Need to Invest in White Label Chatbot Partnership

According to Statista, the global chatbot market will grow to 1.2 billion US dollars by 2025. And with the rise of the pandemic, the market for automated chatbots is expected to grow exponentially; because businesses are striving to engage potential customers to derive desirable actions from them without exposing their employees and supporting staff to the virus.
Therefore, with everything going online during lockdown worldwide and the pandemic waves not slowing down, the demand for AI chatbots has seen an impressive uptick. Appixels whitelabel chatbot will help businesses tap into this increased demand and create a separate income stream to increase their overall business profitability. In addition, white label chatbot builder offers added benefits for digital marketing agencies because it helps them take their digital marketing services to the next level by offering a chatbot integration service that can complete their digital marketing efforts.

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My digital marketing agency had a hard time in qualifying and converting leads. And the data we collected made us realize that the weak link is not in our marketing strategy or the campaigns we run. However, the problem was in the support staff my client had. First, they did not have enough support staff to entertain the amount of traffic they were getting. Second, they failed to motivate visitors to click on the CTA. But after being a partner at Appixels whitelabel chatbot, things took an upward turn for us, as it complemented our digital marketing strategy and reduced the cost per lead considerably. We now are generating double profitability by providing our clients with chatbot SaaS along with digital marketing services.

Audrey Morris

How Our White Label Chatbots Can Help You Dominate the Market?

How are you planning to stay in the game with so many competitors providing digital marketing services to clients and promising them to increase their ROI and scale their businesses? And even if you are in the game, how will you create your competitive advantage?
If these questions concern you about your future as a digital marketing agency, our white label chatbot agency is the answer to all your worries. Automated AI chatbots provide a great deal of success to businesses in engaging the prospects or visitors and leading them to become one-time or recurring sales.
In addition, AI chatbots also allow businesses to stay afloat, strategize better and take data-driven actions because you can easily integrate the chatbot to your CMS or other platforms to analyze the data, how your visitors are responding, what are their concerns, are they happy with your brand or not. It also allows you to ask about their experience at the end of each chat session, and it can deal with thousands of visitors without businesses breaking their banks to hire the support staff.
All in all, the white label chatbot partnership will help you stand out in the pool of digital marketers and help you sustain yourself in the business since you will have an added offering for your clients under your wing that can help businesses convert better and faster than their competitors.

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Shortened Sales Cycle

Custom chatbot development benefits the business by engaging customers using advanced and enriched communication techniques. They focus on answering the customers quickly, directly, and concisely. Moreover, it eliminates the customer waiting time in the queue and does not require them to fill out unnecessary forms making the whole experience worthwhile. Hence, it becomes easier for them to make the buying decision.

Quickly Book Demos & Meetings

Appixels custom chatbots use the essence of AI and are intelligent enough to collect important information for your business upfront. They can also route conversations to the right people in the organization by prioritizing the urgent issues. By doing so, the automated chatbot for website help business book software trials and meeting faster and efficiently.

Another Source of Revenue

As you expand your services, your chances of increasing the profitability also increase. That is, each of your service act as a separate income source. And with the increased demand for chatbots, experts expect that businesses will spend more on AI chatbots in the next five years than mobile applications.

Improve Customer Base

Adding an AI chatbot to your business offerings will attract a new set of targeted customers, which in turn will enable you to improve your customer base. Since the demand for chatbots is increasing at the same pace in almost all industries, the new customer base you will form will be diverse.

Enhance Brand Value

Becoming a chatbot white label partner will also help you improve your overall brand image and value in the tech industry. Since you will be integrating great automated AI chatbot into your clients’ businesses, ensuring that the graph to their profitability only go up, and so does your growth.

What Workflow Appixels Follows to Create Profitability for White Label Chatbot Partners?


The process initiates by first identifying your client needs since without it, forming an effective conversion metric will be nearly impossible.


The second stage is the ideation stage where we establish conversion metrics to measure the lead inquiries, CTR, cost per acquisition, interactions per visit, etc.


We strive to think strategically to improve the conversion metrics to help your clients’ business reduce expenses and enhance profitability.


Any AI automated chatbot is only as good as the training it gets. Therefore, we also ensure to provide the relevant chatbot training sessions to educate it.


Our team of expert developers believes in result-driven strategies. However, if the results are not desirable, there is still room for optimizing the strategy.


After analyzing the data received using conversion metrics, the team will optimize the strategy, train the chatbot for better support results and then finally launch it.

Everything You Need to Know about Appixels – White Label Chatbot Agency

This section is completely dedicated to whether you are running your digital marketing agency or any other SaaS business and considering adding a white label chatbot to your offerings to capture a larger segment of clients and increase your profitability without increasing your expenses.

We enlisted all the key points that your mind ponders if you are in the middle of making a decision; should you become a white label chatbot partner or not. So keep reading, and by the end, you will have a clear mind to make a decision that will prove beneficial for your business in the longer run.

In addition, chatbots respond to queries and are developed to fulfill different purposes for different businesses. These involve recommending products or services, booking appointments or scheduling meetings, collecting data, processing payments, and carrying out surveys.

Leverage from the Latest AI Technology

In the two decades, the pace of technological advancement has been remarkable. Businesses that failed to change with the technology have seen the downfall, and many failed to make a successful comeback. Automated AI chatbots possess great opportunities for businesses, and their market demand is increasing rapidly.
Suppose you don’t want to follow the same downhill as the precedents which were rigid in embracing the new technology. In that case, you should take a step back and analyze all the doors of opportunities you can open with being a white label chatbot partner. Adding it to your business offering can unlock a fresh income stream for you.

Access to the Industry Experts without Worrying about the Payroll

Another advantage of getting Appixels white label chatbot partnership is that we are industry leaders in automated artificial intelligence chatbot development. We know what ticks and whatnot. Our experts strive to develop and train chatbots based on the data to ensure businesses can leverage from it. 
If you become a partner, you will not have to worry about hiring artificial intelligence experts to develop and maintain your client’s chatbots. Instead, our professional team with several years of industry experience will be at your disposal. You only need to pitch your clients a chatbot as a SaaS offering to help them convert better, and you will start seeing your profits going up exponentially.

Maximizing Your ROI without Breaking the Bank

It sounds like music to the ears, isn’t it? And with Appixels white label partnership, it is very much possible. When you become a partner, you become eligible to add our developed chatbot to add in your offering. If you are a digital marketing agency, the AI chatbot will complement your other digital marketing offerings since it can considerably increase the conversion rate.
However, if you are not a marketing agency, you still can earn big with it because the importance of having a 24/7 automated chat support system is nothing short of a miracle. It can cut down the waiting time for your clients’ prospects and save them money and time on hiring in-house support staff. In addition, it will also save you money since you don’t need any investment to offer it as a SaaS offering. A partnership with us is enough to maximize your ROI.

Cultivate Lasting Relationships with Your Existing Clients

Nothing can beat the cost-effectiveness of recurring customers. Of course, it is always expensive to generate new clients since to attract new prospects, directing them to your landing pages, qualifying them, and converting them requires you to spend a huge sum of money. But if your existing client keeps coming back, it is a profit without investment. 
Today, businesses are constantly searching to improve customer relationships, and with AI chatbots, it has become possible. If you are not offering it, your existing client might look for another agency to fulfill their needs. However, if you strive to stay relevant with the latest technology and provide them offerings that are beneficial to their businesses. Then, they will keep coming back, and your profitability will go upwards. 
As a result, becoming a whitelabel chatbot partner will also help you cultivate lasting customer relationships.

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Appixels offers a whitelabel chatbot reseller program that allows you to brand the chatbot as your own and sell it as a SaaS offering to your clients. It is a great way for businesses and digital marketing agencies to increase their profitability. In addition, we also provide you with valuable insights and analytics to optimize and manage chatbots for clients.

No! Chatbots are completely legal. However, many governments regulate the use of chatbots and how businesses portray it on their websites or other chatting platforms to their clients, visitors, etc. Therefore, if you plan to become a whitelabel chatbot partner, make sure to partner with an agency that knows the inside out about the regulations and AI development. 
Appixels is a whitelabel chatbot company offering partnerships to businesses who want to create a different. Moreover, we have a team of experts who study data and develop chatbots aligned with the business objectives. 


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